26th 2010

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  1. fred fena on 28 Sep 2016 at 2:41 pm #

    Are these tanks full size 3000 lb aluminum or steel? I would like to talk to someone re; spair air. I will be on a pit crew next year in American Sprintboat racing. these boats flip and the crew are underwater about 30 to 45 seconds max. at times most less than that. I’m a diver and I think the entire family of racers should have spare are. If you have never heard of it go to utube and type in sprint boat racing. Boat name wicked or just from the begiing. This is the next great sport. Also can the small tankd be refilled by a none filtered air compressor ? I say no. but I maybe wrong, as i have heard some use a 150 lb. compressor unfiltered and only need one or two breaths to get out of trouble. You can reach me at 714 501 7724
    Thanks Fred

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