18th 2015

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imageCheck out our new completely MADE IN THE U.S.A. 40 & 30lb. Lift donut style wings. Bottom mesh drain, cordura shell fabric, easily patch able bladder. 40 lb. lift $300.00! 30 lb. lift $280.00! We also are offering a custom option with any color or pattern for $375.00! A great deal for a quality product! The company who makes these for us also contracts with the Military.


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    OhMYfreakinGOD!!! [apologies if my awe offends!]You look SO beyond divine!!! Christina chose such perfect dresses for you and that red! Ohmy gosh!!! GORGEOUS!!!Huh??? Lap dancer?? and a hoo… the hell thinks that???? HOW??? The clairvoyant thing, hmm, yes, okay but that's a movie stereotype… although you do remind me of Solitaire in the Bond movie… to me you're Vix Extraordinaire.

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