4th 2010
New Shop Shirts!

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Upon request we have brought back the 80’s with the “no surf entries t-shirt” We first did this shirt back in 1986 & boy did it start a comotion amongst the other Dive shops. We are not afraid of surf we just want our Novices to have the most positive experience for their first dive’s and most times So Cal Beach dives are not the best way to go about doing that.  We are down with the Hanes beefy T,  cool pocket on the front and a clear message on the back.

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  1. Kevin Hicks on 25 Jun 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    I got a kick out of the “No Surf Entries” shirt and the rationale behind it, given that my buddy and I did “Suf Entries” many times at Laguna Beach (Crescent Cove) while I was a novice. On my very first open-water dive after certification, we got shot through a crevice, tumbled in the surf and washed up on the rocks. Neither of us was hurt, and we changed cylinders and got back in.

    I’m an instructor now, teaching in Hawaii, and this cautionary tale is a regular part of my Open Water classes.

    Best wishes!

    Kevin Hicks
    Kailua, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

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